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Mare e Terra

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At Opeccellente, we offer a collection of exclusive, unparalleled retreats, ensuring you craft a secure, indulgent, and memorable getaway.

Comfort Reaches New Heights

Experience true relaxation in our thoughtfully designed places, and we will offer you an unparalleled stay.

An Exclusive Retreat

Immerse yourself in the exclusivity of Opeccellente, where elegance merges to offer you a unique experience.

In the Heart of Conversano

Discover serenity and well-being in the heart of Conversano, meet your desires for luxury and tranquility.

Sustainability Meets Comfort

At Opeccellente, we take pride in offering not only exceptional comfort but also a commitment to sustainability.

Discover this magical Paradise

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Rooms
  • Pool Area
  • Chill Area

Get to Know the Spaces

Immerse yourself in the Opeccellente experience, where elegance and serenity converge. Discover two unique destinations: Terra, in the historic heart, and Mare, just a few steps from the sea. Your perfect getaway awaits.

Opeccellente Terra Ⅰ

Opeccellente Mare Ⅱ

Opeccellente Terra Ⅱ

Opeccellente Mare Ⅰ

Join Opeccellente today and enjoy a luxury vacation experience in Italy.

Join Opeccellente today and embark on an unparalleled journey of luxury vacation experiences in Italy.

Reserve your indulgent getaway now, and let us elevate every moment of your stay to extraordinary heights.